About Me

We need a bit of humor or it would be Monday every day.

“We need a bit of humor or it would be Monday every day.”

Self taught, most of my drawing and painting techniques are developed through personal exploration. At the age of 17, I picked up an airbrush and have loved using it ever since. It is my art tool of choice. The airbrush allows me to paint broad patterns or fine detail whenever I want. I’m able to mix colors right on the canvas without switching colors. It’s versatility is the reason I use it.

While my passion is painting, my objective is storytelling. Every one of my completed paintings tell a story. I believe every blank canvas awaits a story to unfold. There are moments in life that cannot be described with words. The visual path is the best language as it allows each individual to experience and interpret it their own way.

Artist’s Statement

I paint the challenges, triumphs, dreams, and fears of the childhood event. As children, we have our own perspectives and views of what we see and experience. These events ultimately shape us as adults. My paintings bring us back to those times of youth, innocence, learning, and growing. I present, through my vision, the untainted moments we all experience as youngsters. Those are the moments I hope to capture that has so long escaped us.

Through my art, I am able to tell these stories where words alone cannot. With a simple title, composition, and some paint, my art continues speaking where words fall short. It leaves more to the imagination and open to interpretation while granting a different experience for each individual.

2017 Brea Gallery

“Made In California”

Group Show – Spiderman Versus The Hulk

Brea, CA

2015 Southern California Art Club

“Spirit Of Adventure”

Group Show – First Ocean

Altadena Town and Country Club, Altadena, CA

2014 Light Space & Time Gallery

Special Merit Award – Running Star

Online Group Show

2014 Upstream People Gallery

Award Of Excellence – Mommy Isn’t Done Yet

Special Recognition – I Am Little Fist

Special Recognition – Yum

Online Group Show

2014 Infinity Art Gallery

Black and White Expo

Exhibit Finalist – Running Star

Exhibit Finalist – Mommy Isn’t Done Yet

Online Group Show