Painting Over The Christmas Holiday

Acrylic painting on canvas, Luke

With a four day Christmas Holiday weekend, you know I have to put some painting time in. I actually started and completed this about seven years ago, but was never really that happy with it, so I decided about a month ago to redo it. A few weeks later, it’s complete with a much different look.

The Force Is With You Young Padawan, But You Are Not A Jedi Yet

The Young Jedi acrylic painting

With some good lighting and color correcting in Photoshop, the completed painting photo turned out pretty good. Not bad for a do it yourself home lighting system I put together with equipment from Home Depot. Just completed this painting about an hour ago. I wish I had a better reference photo to work with, but sometimes you have to work with what you have and do your best. Still thinking of a suitable title for the painting. Can’t believe nothing’s grabbed me yet.

Close To Completion

The Dark Side Work In Progress Painting

Very close to completion. Another week or more of painting and this should be complete. The Darth Vader reflection has been painted in the sunglasses. Included in the reflection is Darth Vader’s red lightsaber. Contrast and details have been painted into the child’s face and hair area. The camera didn’t pick up the subtle color transitions in the painting like I had hoped. Some of the reds and yellows in the painting are a bit saturated even with Photoshop work to tone down the colors.

Just In Time For Star Wars

The Dark Side

Decided to take a break from the large baseball painting and started back on this Jedi portrait painting. I just may get this one done in time for the new Star Wars movie release later this December.

My Brushes Of Choice… Iwata Airbrushes

Iwata Airbrushes

My go to airbrush 100% of the time are my Iwata Airbrushes. As you can see, I have six of them all cleaned and ready to go for the next month or so of painting. Why so many brushes? This allows me to quickly switch to my next airbrush gun when one starts to stick and clog with paint. You get that a lot when painting with acrylics and the airbrush gun will eventually get gummy at some point during the painting process. Having six airbrushes on hand allows me to quickly switch to the next clean gun without having to stop the creative process and do some maintenance cleaning. Keeping the creative workflow going as an artist is very important!!!

All of the airbrushes are of the Iwata HP-C lineup. The Iwata airbrushes are so good in quality that three of them pictured are nearly twenty years old and work like new. I started using Paasche VL airbrushes when I first started and have tried other brands in the past, including Badger and Aztec, but my preference is Iwata. Great quality and built to last.

A Few Hours Of Painting This Past Weekend

Dream Big Acrylic Baseball Painting

Dream Big Baseball Painting Work In Progress

I took a break painting the stadium seats and the area under the awning and decided to start detail work in the dirt and grass area on the field. Most of the base colors are painted in with only a few white areas left showing through the canvas. With some of the patterns and details painted in the dirt and grass area, the buildings and stadium now feel weighted on the ground. I also toned down the sky color and painted in the rest of the structures and vehicles behind the stadium area.

The Stadium Seats Under The Awning Are Painted In

Dream Big Baseball Painting Work In Progress

The area under the awning is finally blocked in with a medium grey. A little more base color work to finish and the detail work begins. After about two months of painting, there’s still a lot of the work that needs to be done. It is coming along slowly, but nicely.

More Buildings And Stadium Interior Painted In

Dream Big Baseball Painting Work In Progress

Most of the background buildings are painted in and part of the stadium interior is blocked in. The ballpark stadium poles that hold the roofing are brushed in to provide reference for the baseball seating yet to be painted. The seating will be quite the challenge down the line. Three different types of baseball seating and about twenty rows worth. The blue dugout in front of the standing pitcher is also painted into the foreground.

The Start Of Something Big

Dream Big work in progress Dream Big baseball painting

Finally started on this large acrylic painting last week. The canvas has been fully sanded and prepped correctly ready to accept the first layers of paint. The first few weeks will be lots and lots of base color. This will take up a lot of paint and a lot of time. So far, I’ve been enjoying every moment of the progress up to this point of the painting.

A Professional Frame Makes Any Artwork Even Better

Friends Acrylic Painting

Professionally framed and on the wall. A good frame always adds to the look of an original piece of artwork. All my frames now come from American Frame. They have a great selection of frame designs and their pricing to quality match is unbeatable. If you want to enhance the look of your original artwork, consider a good quality frame.

Blast From The Past

Baseball Painting Photoshop Superimposed

Senior Thesis Fine Art Baseball Painting

Here’s a blast from the past. I found an old photo from twenty years ago of one of the original acrylic painting I did for my college senior thesis. I superimposed the photo of the painting onto the blank canvas I completed preparing earlier last week. Excuse the white on the right side. That’s me posing next to the painting. I can’t believe it’s been that long. Now I’m really excited to see how this new version of the painting will look when completed.

New Large Scale Acrylic Canvas Painting Surface Primed

Large stretched blank canvas

I’ve been wanting to repaint something I did a long time ago back in college and I finally got around to stretching the canvas and laying down the primer. It’s a huge acrylic painting, 48 inches high by 72 inches long. This giant acrylic canvas painting will probably take a good six months to complete as the painting itself is quite detailed. Looking forward to getting on started on the sketch soon.

Completed “The Uninvited Guests” Acrylic On Canvas Painting

Completed yesterday and signed, the latest acrylic painting in my new series of works. This particular painting brings about a giggle seeing the expression on the subject’s face. This painting shows those moments in children that bring about laughter and joy and reminds us the reason we bring them into this world. The young boy is amused and surprised by all the moving lights that surround him. The curiosity grabs his attention and we see what he sees through the reflection of the glasses.

The Uninvited Guests Final

Nearing Completion

Another painting nearing completion in my series of smaller paintings with a few more days of work. “The Uninvited Guests,” a 16×20 inch piece, is one of nine in a series I am hoping to complete early next year.

The Uninvited Guest - Wip 6