Completed “The Uninvited Guests” Acrylic On Canvas Painting

Completed yesterday and signed, the latest acrylic painting in my new series of works. This particular painting brings about a giggle seeing the expression on the subject’s face. This painting shows those moments in children that bring about laughter and joy and reminds us the reason we bring them into this world. The young boy is amused and surprised by all the moving lights that surround him. The curiosity grabs his attention and we see what he sees through the reflection of the glasses.

The Uninvited Guests Final

Nearing Completion

Another painting nearing completion in my series of smaller paintings with a few more days of work. “The Uninvited Guests,” a 16×20 inch piece, is one of nine in a series I am hoping to complete early next year.

The Uninvited Guest - Wip 6

La Victoria 100th Anniversary Celebration Acrylic Painting

After two weeks of intense painting every night and over the long Memorial Day weekend, my La Victoria 100th anniversary submission is complete. It’s been a while since I painted anything under a deadline and although it was tiring, the entire experience was very positive and invigorating. I’m quite happy with how the painting turned out in two weeks time. Normally, a piece this size takes me a month to complete.

La Victoria 100th Anniversary Acrylic Painting

La Victoria Salsa Brand 100th Anniversary Art Contest

La Victoria Brand 100th-Anniversary dinner celebration next Thursday night and here are the paintings that got me there. A sixth painting is in the works that needs to be completed in a few days. Dinner celebration next Thursday night at the Santa Monica pier.

A Beautiful Day Acrylic Painting Reflections From Yesterday Small Talk About A Blue Balloon The Look Original Acrylic Painting Sunday Morning Traditions

Brea Art Gallery Opening Night

Brea Art Gallery Made In California Opening Night 2017

Opening night of “Made In California” at the Brea Art Gallery was lots of fun. There were a great number of paintings, art lovers, refreshments and live music. Lots of people streamed in to the gallery between 7 and 9pm Saturday night. The show runs through early June so if you didn’t get a chance to go opening night, take some time to visit before the show ends.

Framed And On The Wall

A Beautiful Day acrylic painting framed

Varnished and framed on the wall, “A Beautiful Day” original acrylic painting. These frames from American Frame are just great for the price point. Professional quality and shipped directly to your door step.

“A Beautiful Day” Completed

A Beautiful Day - Final

Happy to have completed this painting today and in only three weeks time. Letting it dry for a day before applying a few layers of varnish to seal and protect it. I prefer painting on large canvases, but it does feel good to finish an original painting in under a month. Already hard at work on my next project.

“Made In California” Brea Art Gallery Show

"Made In California" Brea Art Gallery Invite Spiderman Versus The Hulk

If you’re in the Los Angels are May 6th, 2017, stop by the Brea Art Gallery between 7-9pm for the “Made In California” Brea Art Gallery opening. Lots of great food, great people, and great art. And don’t forget to stop by and see my painting “Spiderman Versus The Hulk.”

Reflections From Yesterday Completed

Reflections Acrylic Painting On Canvas

After three months of arduous painting, the piece is finally complete. I did not post any work in progress images for this particular painting as I wanted to keep it a secret. This is the unveiling of the completed acrylic painting. It’s a personal piece as the painting relates to my personal loss of my twin brother over twenty years ago. I hope this painting illustrates the what I cannot put into words.

Signing “Small Talk About A Blue Balloon”

Signing "Small Talk About A Blue Balloon"

Here I am signing my latest completed original painting. A painting isn’t finished unless your signature’s on it. You get a real sense of how large a 36×48 painting is with me sitting in front of the completed piece. The colors and values in this painting are exactly what I hoped for. The hard work and constant rework paid off in the end.

Completed “Small Talk About A Blue Balloon”

Small Talk About A Blue Balloon

I’ve been so busy prepping my next painting, I forgot to post the completion of my newest painting, “Small Talk About A Blue Balloon.” Four months of work and nearly 150 hours of painting, it’s finally complete. The painting took longer than expected but it was well worth the time and effort invested.

Are You A Super Hero?

I Am Superman Original Acrylic Painting

Growing up, I was huge on collecting comic books. The little allowance I had went to buying the latest comics at the comic book stores that month, from the Uncanny X-men, Spiderman, Superman, Batman, to the Avengers. The amazing bright costumes and their unique super powers made me want to be one of them. My youth and naivete led me to believe superheroes were actually real. I remember reading a Wolverine comic as a child and actually believing the entire story was based on actual events. Those were great times.

After discovering comics were fantasy, it still didn’t deter me from wanting to be a superhero. I’ve always wanted to do great things in my life. To this day, my inspiration originates from the comic book characters. We can all do great things and realize our dreams with just a bit of inspiration. We lose a bit of that inspiration growing up but derive them from other role models as adults. For many of us though, it truly starts with a fictional character in blue tights and a long red cape.