Big Dreams

Big Dreams

Children are big dreamers, wanting to be someone great when we grow up. A professional athlete, courageous firefighter, hero police officer, life saving doctor, and even president. We may never become who we dream to be. The wonderful part of it all is, we can always have ‘Big Dreams.’

Medium: acrylic on canvas
Size: 24 x 36 x .75 inches
Original: $1100
Signed bottom right

Big Dreams Work In Progress 1

I lay in the ground work for the grass and boy in the foreground. A base grey was needed for the grass in the background.

Big Dreams Work In Progress 2

More loose layout of the young baseball player in the foreground. Some detail work is painted in the child’s baseball uniform.

Big Dreams Work In Progress 3

I apply some light greys in the face and lighter parts of the uniform here.

Big Dreams Work In Progress 4

Some black is added into the darker parts of the painting to give me a base for the darkest area of the painting. I start painting in the grass pattern in the background. This turned out to be the most time consuming of the painting. I also paint in part of the glove detail.

Big Dreams Work In Progress 5

More grass is painted in and I start putting in some of the detail work in the clothes, face, and gloves.

Big Dreams Work In Progress 6

At this point, I paint in the white in the background grass area. I also paint white and light grey into the clothes and baseball mitt.

Big Dreams Work In Progress 7

Some dark greys and black is painted into the grass. This gives a good base for the lighter colors I apply later on top.

Big Dreams Work In Progress 8

I highlight the wrinkles and folds in the clothing and paint in more grass.

Big Dreams Work In Progress 9

Here, I go back and forth between white, light grey, dark grey, and black. I jump from grass to clothes, back and forth with lights and darks until I get the painting I want.