First Ocean

First Ocean Acrylic Painting

Children encounter many first time experiences. Their first laugh, first cry, first touch, and many more. Here, a little girl experiences her “First Ocean” for the very first time with her grandpa. She’s a bit overwhelmed with all the water and crashing waves. Grandpa sees this and cautiously brings her little feet down into the water.

Medium: acrylic on canvas
Size: 30 x 40 x 1.5 inches
Original: $1530
Signed bottom left

First Ocean - Work In Progress 1

I layout the important parts of the painting first. The two figures, pier in the background, and general layout of the water is painted in. This is needed in order to work on each section of the painting. The approach for this painting needed to be different. I couldn’t work on the painting as a whole, but rather fill in each quadrant of the painting before moving on to the next.

First Ocean - Work In Progress 2

First Ocean - Work In Progress 3

The general pattern of the water was filled in. There are three sections that make up the ocean here, the deep part, shallow, and middle depth. I needed to paint each section separately in order to create a separation of depth and volume in the ocean. The painting techniques used were different for all three.

First Ocean - Work In Progress 4

First Ocean - Work In Progress 5

Detail is added to the water at this stage. I’ve filled in all the ocean at this point and start creating the darks and lights to give the ocean volume and distance separation. Some of the details in the two figures are filled in and I paint in some of the shadows in the sand.

First Ocean - Work In Progress 6

First Ocean - Work In Progress 7

The sand particles are painted in and most of the ocean is done at this point. From here, it’s about creating contrast and adding in more detail to the entire painting.

First Ocean - Work In Progress 8

First Ocean - Work In Progress 9