I Am Little Fist

I Am Little Fist, acrylic on canvas

Our children are wonderous beings in our lives and they discover things we as adults no longer observe. Every little object is of interest to them, and it’s a beauty to see when that happens. Here, a baby notices the fist in front of him and it grabs his attention. For him, it is something new and exciting. And the best part is, he has a front row seat to a whole new world.

Medium: acrylic on canvas
Size: 36 x 24 x .75 inches
Original: $1000
Signed bottom left

I Am Little Fist - Work in progress 1

I Am Little Fist - Work in progress 2

I lay down majority of the grey tones early on. Most of this painting is a medium grey and it’s very important to get the subtle shift from light grey to dark grey.

I Am Little Fist - Work in progress 3

I apply a darker grey to the painting and start painting the blanket to bring out the subject. The white blanket brings the painting of the baby to the foreground. Since black is so limited in this painting, the contrast in the blanket and the greys in the main subject need to be established correctly.

I Am Little Fist - Work in progress  4

A dark grey is used for the hair and other details in the painting. I go back and forth between the subject and the blanket to get the contrast right.

I Am Little Fist - Work in progress 5

At this stage, I start painting in the details and correct any areas that may be too dark or too light. It’s a back and forth process as all values are relative to one another.