Reflections From Yesterday

Reflections Acrylic Painting On Canvas

Loss, for some of us, comes early in life. We all experience it at one point or another during our lives. It is never easy to move forward from tragedy, but necessary in order to continue on with life. Each one of us will cope and heal in their own way and in their own time. And when grief and sadness has run its course, life can be beautiful again.

Medium: Acrylic on canvas
Size: 40 x 30 x .75 inches
Original: $1800
Signed bottom left

Reflections - Work In Progress 1

I begin with painting the blue ocean in the foreground and the light blue sky in the background. Light brown in the sand area and grey in the sky is also blocked in.

Reflections - Work In Progress 2

More of the blue ocean is painted in and the darker blue area near the bottom of the canvas is painted. The ocean in the far distance is blocked in with light blue. Most of the painting is now covered with color. Only the figure and the two reflections in the water are left white.

Reflections - Work In Progress 3

At this stage of the painting, I color in the clouds in the sky. A light pink is used for the clouds and grey used for parts of the sky. I also paint in the details in the distant ocean.

Reflections - Work In Progress 4

Details in the clouds are painted in with a bright light orange and pink color. Details in the foreground ocean are painted in with different shades of blue. Some of the reflections from the clouds in the ocean are colored in with a dark orange-brown.

Reflections - Work In Progress 5

The waves on the right side of the ocean are painted in with different shades and colors of blue. Some of the white ocean foam is colored in the distance. The bottom of the painting is darkened with a deep dark blue, almost black.

Reflections - Work In Progress 6

The white ocean foam is painted in on the right foreground area. You can start to see the ocean take shape at this point. The waves and ripples in the water start to take volume.

Reflections - Work In Progress 7

More of the details in the ocean waves are painted in. More of the clouds in the reflective ocean foreground are colored in. The painting now starts to take shape. You can start to feel the ripples and break of the ocean. Details in the ocean also create the needed contrast between the top and bottom of the painting.

Reflections - Work In Progress 8

I continue with detail work at this stage of the painting. More highlights are painted in the white foam and reflections in the water. Additional reflections from the clouds are painted into the foreground ocean. Different shades of blue and orange are colored in.

Reflections - Work In Progress 9

More white foam is painted in on the right side of the breaking ocean waves. The ocean details are filled out in the distance and the foreground. Most of the details in the water are now complete.

Reflections - Work In Progress 10

The three figures, two reflections and one walking figure, are painted in. The figures now fill out the entire painting. The subjects bring depth and weight to the entire painting. In the final completed piece, I remove the sand area of the beach and replace it with black rocks. The light brown sand wasn’t working well with the rest of the painting’s color palette.