Spiderman Vs The Hulk

Spiderman Versus The Hulk

A boy wearing a Spiderman mask stands frozen in front of a statue of the Incredible Hulk. He is amazed by the shear size of the statue. Undeterred, the boy stands ready for the inevitable confrontation.

Medium: acrylic on canvas
Size: 36 x 48 x .75 inches
Original: $2450
Signed middle left

Work In Progress 1 - Spiderman Vs The Hulk

Here we go, the first stage of my next painting. Here, I paint in the main base colors of the painting. I start out with the red wall in the background and the peach colored foreground.

Work In Progress 2 - Spiderman Vs The Hulk

Getting some of that green Hulk muscle into the mix here. Lots and lots of color to cover all that bulging mass. One mean green beating machine starts to take shape.

Work In Progress 3 - Spiderman Vs The Hulk

Let’s give the big green monster some pants and a face. Now he’s starting to look like the Incredible Hulk!!!

Work In Progress 4 - Spiderman Vs The Hulk

More progress after about 7 hours of painting this Christmas Eve. The two main characters are fleshed out. Details in the brick wall behind the Hulk are painted in and the boy’s red sweater and pants are also colored in.

Work In Progress 5 - Spiderman Vs The Hulk

Some of the red and orange colors are painted into the brick area. The hair and skin is colored in the boy and I add some shadow behind the Hulk in order to bring the green monster into the foreground and off the wall. I also add the ground pattern of the flooring and paint a light purple orange into the Hulk’s pants.

Work In Progress 6 - Spiderman Vs The Hulk

More detail is painted in the green skin of the Incredible Hulk. I also darken the back area of the red-brown wall behind him. The shadowing in the Hulk’s muscles begin to bring out the shape of the statue and makes the yellow colors more vibrant.

Work In Progress 7 - Spiderman Vs The Hulk

At this stage of the painting, I add more color in the Hulk’s skin and pants. The brick wall is darkened up a bit and so are the boy’s red shirt and blue pants. Much of the detail paint work here adds to the overall realism and depth of the objects.