The Look

The Look - Final

Sometimes, your child will give you ‘The Look’ and you know that’s your kid. It’s that expression they present that you will always remember them by. Whether it be funny, sad, happy, or somewhere in between, it’s unforgettable and warms our hearts. And it serves as a reminder the reason why we had them in the first place.

Medium: acrylic on canvas
Size: 40 x 30 x .75 inches
Original: $1400
Signed bottom left

The Look - Work In Progress 1

I started out with the blues in the shirt and some of the background. Some of the face is painted in to give contrast to the blue colors.

The Look - Work In Progress 2

I loosely paint in the features in the face with more base flesh color and the lips. Grey is added to the background to finish off the base colors.

The Look - Work In Progress 3

Dark brown is added to the shadow areas to build the depth and give contrast to dark and light areas. Detail work is painted into the blue shirt.

The Look - Work In Progress 4

Dark blue is added into the eyes and shadow areas of the face.

The Look - Work In Progress 5

I painted in some details around the eyes and started adding in details to the skin all around the face. At this point, I establish the dark and light areas to create the right contrast I want.

The Look - Work In Progress 6

The face was a bit red so I took some of that color out and added in a bit more orange to the face. I also start to smooth out the colors for a less blotchy look. Detail work in the eyes, lips, and nose begins here.

The Look - Work In Progress 7

Too much orange in the face so I tone it down a bit more. The colors in the face now have a more natural look and a smoother appearance with the color blends. The shadow area of the face needs to be darker in order to get more contrast between the lighted and shadow areas. That will be done next.

The Look - Work In Progress 8

I smooth out the face a bit and bring back more flesh tones. A very dark blue is used to paint up the darkest areas of the shirt and face. I also finish up the background, the details in the eyes, and the highlights in the lips.