Yum Acrylic Painting

There’s no secret here to how much this little girl loves her cake. No need for words here. Her expression and cake crumbs say it all. With our children, all it takes is one look, and you know exactly what they’re saying. It’s just magical.

Medium: acrylic on canvas
Size: 30 x 40 x .75 inches
Original: SOLD – Private Collection
Signed bottom right

Yum Work In Progress 1

Yum - Work In Progress 2

I decided to go with a dark grey first rather than a mid-tone grey for this painting. Going darker allowed me to sketch out more of the painting compared to laying down a bunch of mid-tone grey for the base. It was a different approach and I liked how it worked out.

Yum - Work In Progress 3

With the dark greys painted in first, I was able to go back with the mid-tone greys and sketch in more detail earlier on in the painting. The painting took shape quicker earlier on and I was able to see the details right from the beginning rather than waiting to paint them in later on.

Yum Work In Progress 4

Yum - Work In Progress 5

At this stage, I’m adding in black for contrast and also to establish a base for the darkest area in the painting. White is added to the hair and for added contrast.

Yum Work In Progress 6

Yum - Work In Progress 7

More black, more white, and detail work is done at this stage. I go back and forth with the blacks, whites, and greys probably four or five times before settling deciding the painting is done. It’s a back and forth process between lights and darks. More and more detail is added each step of applying dark tones and lights.

Yum Work In Progress 8